A Year to Celebrate

I am declaring this to be my year of celebration. After years of running around on the never ending hamster wheel of home and work and not a whole lot of life inbetween, I felt stuck. And that unaddressed stagnancy over time became burn out. I was burned out on life and was angry that God gave me a life that I couldn’t enjoy, or at least not for a while anyway. I thought once we got through this hurtle, through this stage and onto the next phase of life that that would be when it got good. If I could just get through this my life will be better, I will be happier. After all, thousands of motivational speakers build empires on this one idea. Though that didn’t happen, each step made me the opposite of happy. Lack of a thankful heart and the need for more while over looking so much that was given to me caused me to believe that God wanted me to be exhausted, burnt out and stuck. Then a friend whispered, “God doesn’t call you to burn out.” God desired my abandoned heart, not a list of life stages and accomplishments. God has given me this day and every day to make the most of; to live into joyously, to laugh and cry and vent with friends. I have come to find that my heart is craving for a life that is full, one that celebrates every small, insignificant as well as every big and monumentous moment of my life. Because God is good and loves me enough to give me an early sunrise, breath in my lungs, and people who are hurting for more. More of life, more of God, and more of love.

I feel a little like Bilbo Baggins when I say, ” I’m going on an adventure”. An adventure where I say no to the mundane, no to sitting back mindlessly watching tv saying “woe is me” while the world beckons me to come and play, and yes to every breath, every minute, every bite and every story God intrusts to me in the day to day of laundry, work, meetings, and dinners.

Maybe you feel a lot like me right now, with the glimmer of the holidays in your rear view and a stirring in your belly to not let the days slip by. To you I say, “let’s go”. Let’s go together and figure this out. Let’s learn what it looks like to enjoy this life in the noise and in the quiet. Let’s move forward and celebrate every good, bad, and in-between moment of the day because I believe celebration is an act of worship. To celebrate, to give our minds and lives back to a God that gives us so much every day. Let’s open our eyes to celebrate this wonderful life around us. Here’s to a #YearofCelebration. Are you in?